Every Track product has been designed, manufactured, tested and certified to withstand every possible situation during your travels.

Guaranteed for three to five years against defective workmanship and materials. If such a defect appears within the warranty period, Track distributors will repair free of charge. Simply return the product along with an explanation of the defect and proof of the date of purchace to our distributor in the country that you have purchased the product.

Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, consequential damage or damage by carriers and we urge you to inspect your luggage after each trip to make sure that the airport baggage section did not damage your luggage and a claim should be submitted to the airline company if they have defected your luggage.


Luggage Care

Little maintenance after each journey helps increase your luggage life span.

  • Exterior - Brush off the dirts and wiping off glues or scratches with WD-40.
  • Interior - Vacuum the interior and make sure it dries dry before storing it until your next trip.

And the more you make an effort to keep your luggage in good condition, the less money and time you’ll spend in the long-run buying replacements